The way to a successful construction project ...

All construction parties can meet in 3D

With an integrated 3D viewer directly in application, it is possible for developers, architects, engineers and contractors to discuss and plan based on common visualizations that neither require expensive software licenses, 3rd party programs or advanced technical knowledge .


Although the standard of the drawing programs used in construction today is almost entirely 3D, it has nevertheless been a challenge to use spatial visualizations "live" - that is, living models that can be made more visible from all angles. Instead, you often have to settle for sketches and extracts of the models in 2D.


The advanced 3D programs are both costly and technically advanced, which has meant that the daily and practical use for eg building meetings and dialogue between the building parties has been limited.

But now gives all participants the opportunity to meet in 3D and use the powerful viewer for interactively control section cuts, explode assemblies, and take measurements in a browser. Participants can also control the display of individual objects and layers, print their views, and easily share a link with others.


3-D model